TTR: Adult Ed. With Six
by V. Jewitt

It occurred to me almost as soon as I pictured the other scene, that
Six would *really* enjoy a spot of lecturing...

Technically a Double Drabble, but in reality I'm not sure what you'd
call it, aside from nonsense.


Wish you'd paid more attention at school before heading for the outer
reaches of the Universe?
It's never too late to get an education!

Classes by the Sixth Doctor
Every evening at Nameless Library.

Classroom assistant: Perpuguilliam Brown.

Improving your Vocabulary (Never be at a loss for an apposite phrase
Companion Classes (Identify every companion of the Doctor(s)!*)
Badge making
Patchwork Quilting
Philosophy Debates**

Guest Speakers
Varosian Chief 'How to make a Killing' - Top Tips for filming torture
& executions

The Rani: Neurobiology
(Cancelled - the lecturer claims no one has sufficent intelligence to
understand it.)

The Valeyard: 'Understanding Megabyte Modems'
(Cancelled due to lack of interest).

Melanie Bush: Keep Fit Class

Sil & Glitz: How to Make a Million (or Two)

The Master: Advanced Chuckling for Megalomaniacs

Izzy: Basic Storytelling (Mandatory for anyone wanting to make an
appearance in the creche. Or else.).

<More Guest Speakers Coming Soon!>

*We regret that this cannot include spin-offs, fan fiction and
companions of uncertain canonicity.

**i.e. Tedious Moral Lecturing
***i.e. Name dropping

Six looked at Peri resignedly. "I do not give 'tedious moral
lectures', nor do I name drop! That's the last time I let you design
the posters!"

TTR was thought up by Tyler Dion.
Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.

As usual, I can't blame anyone but myself for the rest.