This one matured a bit late for the event that inspired it, but
fortunately it fits the "France" challenge well enough.

It is, of course, partly a response to speculation about how
fanwanky the new series will be about reviving old monsters.


TTR Scenes We'll Never See, No. 4586: Aliens of Paris
by Paul Andinach

"'This week, the Doctor's opponent is revealed as a nylon yeti.'
There, you see?" Rose put down the Radio Times. "A combined
invasion by the Nestenes and the Great Intelligence, just as you

The Doctor shook his head. "I still feel I'm missing something. Why
join forces? Why Paris?"

"I am sure they 'ave their reasons," said Monsieur Satre. "We will
learn more in this episode, non?"

"I suppose so," the Doctor sighed. Then his eyes lit up. "'A nylon
yeti'!" He glared accusingly at the dapper Frenchman.

M. Satre shrugged. "There are only so many good anagrams left..."