Ok, so it's a double-drabble. Only way I could make it work ;)

[TTR] A Master For All Seasons
Response to the Drabble Challenge "The Master"

Peering out the door of his TARDIS, the Master made sure the coast was
clear before walking quickly toward the Pub Outside Continuity. He
would have preferred to stay at home that day and fix himself a drink,
but the 'Round was the only place he knew in the Outside that fixed a
decent Bloody Mary, better even than his own TEBM (Tongue-Exploding
Bloody Mary). He quietly opened the pub door and tiptoed inside.

Despite his efforts to remain unseen entering the 'Round, the Master
was quickly spotted by Polly, who immediately fell off her stool in a
fit of laughter. He ignored the immediate urge to do something
Master-like to her, as it would draw attention, instead stepping over
Polly's quivering form and sliding into a booth with his former

He couldn't even trust himselves to leave him alone, as they too broke
into guffaws and cackles of glee. He sank down in his seat, but it
was too late. Soon everyone in the pub was laughing, clutching their
aching sides and wiping tears from their eyes, and at his expense too.

The Master, in all his Hawaiian-shirt-and-Bermuda-short-ed glory, left
in a huff to go finish his laundry.

Synopsis: The Master has some dirty laundry.

TTR created by Tyler Dion, after Kielle