This Time Round: Alternative Possibilities

It had puzzled Liz that the Brigadier had not only asked her to dance with
him, but had insisted on walking her home as well. But once they were out of
earshot of This Time Round, he'd explained and apologised at once.
"So that's what tonight was all about," she said quietly.
The Brigadier paused, and gave her a searching look. "There's something
worrying you, isn't there? Something about the idea of you and me..."
"Not *you*, Brigadier. And not really me either."
They walked on in silence up the hill, and had nearly gained the top
before Liz spoke again.
"You know what the Doctor said, after the Inferno Project was shut down,"
she said. "About that other world, and the other versions of us. It's only
too easy to think of scenarios, and none of them pleasant. Ambition.
Desperation. Maybe blackmail."
She stopped, looking back at the dark woodland below.
"I always thought I could never shoot someone," she said. "Even if it
was the only way to save lives. But the other me did. Would she have done
that just for a world she'd never seen? Or did she have other reasons as
well? Something more - personal?"

John Elliott
[Another possible sequel to vj's 'TARDIS Speculation'. For what it's worth,
I haven't read About Time 2.]