by Bill K.

A hungry Tegan and Fifth Doctor eagerly wait for dinner with bowls and
cutlery on the table. A delicious, mouth-watering aroma suddenly fills
the air as Nyssa, wearing an apron and oven mitts, enters the room
carrying a large pot filled with hot steaming stew.

"Dinner is ready!" she called across the room in her usual pleasant,
cheerful voice.

"Excellent! I'm famished. I can hardly wait." the Doctor responded

She then places the pot on the middle of the table and scoops its
contents into each of the bowls with a ladle. Upon eating a mouthful,
the Doctor and Tegan find themselves enjoying Nyssa's cooking immensely.

"Mmmmmmm!" Tegan uttered in near-orgasmic ecstasy as she bit into and
chewed a piece of meat cut into a cube pierced on her fork. "This is
terrific! You are a very good cook."

"Why, thank you!" Nyssa politely acknowledged.

"By the way, where's Adric?" Tegan then asked. "Shouldn't he be here
for dinner with us?"

"Oh, he is." Nyssa replied.

She then winks back at Tegan, and the most wicked looking smile
stretches across her face. Tegan then turns her head forward tilted at
a slight angle with a puzzled look on her face, trying to figure out a
possible hidden meaning in Nyssa's statement.

Meanwhile, the Doctor coughs and spits out a gold star unknowingly left
in the stew, which he unwittingly bit into and pierced the inside of his
mouth with on its sharp, pointy edges.