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TTR: A Minister In The Works

Daibhid sitting in the 'Round, when he was accosted by the Ninth Doctor
and Toshiko.

"We've got a message from the Minister," Ninth started.

"Oh yes?"

"Apparently," continued Tosh, "you're one of two authors who use him
frequently, usually to make jokes about other Stephen Fry roles."

"Maybe," Daibhid acknowledged, "What's the message?"

"Basically, he could do with a rest," said Ninth, "and would be grateful
if you didn't call on him for a while."

"Fair enough. Er ... why are you two delivering this message?"

Ninth grinned, "Because..."

"All we are saaaaaying," they chorused, "is give Chance some peace!"

This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.
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consolation to the soul in times of need. Allons-y!