TTR: ...And Out To There

Sequel to "Up To Here" by John Elliott.

"It's worse than you think," said the Eighth Doctor, after watching the
clip on Donna's laptop.

"Worse?" asked Rose, "How?"

"Well there's Dark Mel, of course, but there's also Not Exactly Seventh.
The Doctor who travelled with Dark Mel isn't the same Seventh Doctor we
know. He can't be."

"Well, yeah," said Rose, "But he's still basically Seventh, right? I mean,
the differences can't be enough for a duplicate Seventh in a horrible tie
to show up, can they?"

Eighth shrugged. "Don't ask me, ask him." He guestured to an identical
figure in a dark suit who had just entered the pub.

Rose boggled "Who...?"

"The Eighth Doctor, of course," the newcomer said, "But to avoid confusion,
you can call me Johann Schmidt."

The problems in this world are not caused by those who love.
They're caused by those who hate.
--Arthur, King of Time and Space.