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Another Word from our Sponsor
by Douglas B. Killings
A This Time Round fanfiction

SCENE: EXT, The front door of This Time Round (TTR), early

001 MELANIE emerges from the door.

She is dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and is wearing running
shoes. She starts to stretch her legs, then run in place.
Finally, after a few seconds of this, she is off.

002 EXT, The TTR Parking lot.

MEL is jogging across the parking lot toward a park beyond.

003 CUT TO: EXT, a campsite.

The ADF is bivouaced on the grounds of the park. DOUG and
DIANE are already up. DOUG can be seen in front of his
tent, making coffee over a camp fire. MEL jogs through the

Morning, Doug! Morning, Di!

DOUG and DIANE wave at her as she passes through.

'Morning, Mel!

'Morning, Mel!

004 CUT TO: EXT, a flower garden.

The flower garden looks suspiciously like the one from The
Five Doctors. FIRST DOCTOR steps into view from camera
left. He takes a deep breath of fresh, morning air. He
bends to pick up and smell a flower. MEL passes behind him.

Good morning, Doctor!

FIRST DOCTOR looks up from his flower, sees MEL, and calmly
waves at her.

Eh? Oh, Good morning, Susan!

MEL passes through the flower garden.

005 CUT TO: EXT, a pathway.

On the grass beside the pathway, PSYCHO NYSSA is busy with a
choke-hold on ADRIC. ADRIC is struggling to pry her arm
away from his neck and to breath more precious air. MEL
passes them.

Good morning, Adric! Good morning, Nyssa!

Both stop what they are doing, look up, and wave at MEL as
she passes them.

'Morning, Mel!

'Morning, Mel!

Once MEL has passed, PSYCHO NYSSA resumes her choke hold on
ADRIC, although both of them also appear to be keeping an
eye on MEL as she continues into the distance...

006 CUT TO: EXT, close-up of a Dalek.

Suddenly, the Dalek explodes. Several more appear behind
him on the same pathway, firing. The sounds of gunfire can
be heard.

007 CUT TO: EXT, a stone wall.

Several UNIT troopers, including MIKE YATES, BENTON, and the
BRIGADIER, are all crouched behind the wall. All have
weapons out. They are desperately exchanging fire with the
Daleks on the other side of the pathway.

MEL starts to jog between them, oblivious to the battle.
The sounds of gunfire die down.

Good morning, everyone! Good morning, Brigadier!

ALL start to wave at MEL (the Daleks wave their plunger

(simultaneously) 'Morning, Mel!

(simultaneously) GOOD MOR-NING MEL!!!

MEL passes between them. After she passes, the battle
begins anew.

008 CUT TO: EXT, the pathway.

THE MASTER is using his Tissue Compression Eliminator on
someone. We just see the outline of a large, muscle-bound
man with a sword being shrunk to death. Once the man's
screams stop, THE MASTER looks down at the ground.

009 CUT TO: EXT, close-up of the pathway.

A small, doll-like figure of a muscle-bound barbarian can be

010 CUT TO: EXT, close-up, THE MASTER

(snickering, to himself) And he thought he was the Master of the

MEL passes him by.

Good morning, Master!

THE MASTER looks up as she passes.

Hmm? (Waving hand absently) Oh, good morning, Mel.

011 CUT TO: EXT, the pathway. Side-view, camera wide.

MEL emerges from camera-left. From camera-right emerges
FOURTH DOCTOR and SARAH-JANE, running. MEL greets them as
they run toward her. The sound of gigantic footsteps can be

Good morning, Doctor. Good morning, Sarah!

FOURTH DOCTOR and SARAH merely wave as they pass her, still
running. MEL continues her jog. Just as she is about to
exit camera-right, the gigantic foot of ROBOT K-1 steps into

012 CUT TO: EXT, the pathway.

MEL jogs along the path. As she does so she passes a pair
of lumbering Yeti being led by a silver ball, RANI with a
huge syringe and chasing a rather frightened TURLOUGH, a
pretty girl in a Lynerd Skynerd t-shirt smoking a cigarette
and field-stripping an AK-47, ANJI sitting on a park bench
and reading the Financial Times, THIRD DOCTOR and the TARDIS
console (_just_ the console) popping in and out of view, and
SECOND DOCTOR urgently telling JAMIE and ZOE "When I say
run, run!" MEL passes all of them issuing the usual
assortment of quick salutations and greetings.

012 CUT TO: EXT, the pathway. Side-view, camera wide.

In the background can be seen a big, huge, saucer-like
spaceship with a blue beam shining directly below it. Also
visible is a giant, tentacled, Kroll-like monster. A mobile
suit flies into view above, and begins firing at a passing
TIE fighter. In the distance are explosions and buildings
being blown apart. In the foreground, the VALEYARD is
laughing maniacally. MEL jogs through the picture from left
to right, without once missing a beat.

Good morning, err, Doctor!

Good morning, Mel!

013 CUT TO: EXT, an intersection.

The pathway terminates at a street. There is a red light
facing Mel. On the street an army of Cybermen are passing.
In the distance can be heard the rumbling of gunfire,
explosions, sirens, and other chaos. MEL stops at the
intersection and starts to run in place.

Another figure, CHARLEY, jogs into view from camera right.
She is also dressed in running clothes (although her sweats
cover a little more area than MEL's).

'Morning, Mel. Up bright and early today, I see!

(nodding) Of course!

The light facing MEL and CHARLEY turns green. The Cyber-
army has passed, and a zebra crossing is revealed on the
street in front of them. Both start to jog across.

014 CUT TO: EXT, a road.

MEL and CHARLEY are jogging off into the distance. Around
them smoke, fire, confusion, debris. As the camera pulls
back for a wide-view, the following things can be seen:
DAVROS crying for help as his life support chair is tipped
on its side by a Mechanoid; a Menoptera flying in a death-
duel with a Gargoyle; Sontarrans, Rutans, and Terileptles
galore; and SEVENTH DOCTOR with his umbrella under his arm
and looking very concerned.

Both women continue to jog through the middle of the mayhem,


Pause, then a title card appears along with a boomerang-like

Nike. Just do it.

016 END

6 March 2001