As you may know, a TV network here is re-running _Doctor Who_ all the
way through from the beginning. Yesterday's episode was the first in
the series to include a certain proper noun starting with 'A', and I
found myself thinking of BKWillis and his merry band of homicidal


TDF: Answering Insult with Injury
A Drabble
by Paul Andinach

The dark-haired young man walked along the road to This Time Round,
unaware that he was being watched from the undergrowth.

It was almost a pity, Number One thought, raising his rifle; the
target wasn't a bad person, but the idea he represented was

The remains were found by an ADF patrol, who breathed a collective
sigh of relief when they realised it wasn't Adric.

"Who *was* it, then?"

"Looks like Morton Dill - you know, the hick Alabaman from 'The

"Who would hate a one-shot comic-relief character enough to do

"Dunno. Somebody with no sense of humor?"