'A Quiet Evening In'


A Gentleman Of Leisure.


"Where is everybody?" demanded the Buffybot loudly, striding into an
apparently deserted 'Round' in her brand new, thigh length leather boots.

"It's Party Night at the Steel Maiden," said a muffled voice from behind the

"Great! I'll have all the men to myself this evening!"

"Sorry. They've all gone to the opening of Captain Jack's new gentleman's
club - The Chocolate Starfish."

"What, even my Doctor?"

"Yes, Miss Bot. I heard him say something about being ready to try anything

The Buffybot leaned over the bar to discover Davros guiltily wiping away a
foam moustache, and trying to hide an empty pint pot behind his back.

"So, 'tis just thee and me tonight then, chuck!" she declared roguishly in
her best Yorkshire accent, and winked at the pair of glass eyes lurking
diffidently among the pickled eggs in the jar on the counter.

Davros went quite pale as the Buffybot smiled lazily.

"I am determined that the evening should not be entirely wasted, so we had
better make t'most of th'opportunity, had we not?" she continued. "Does thee
need oiling first?"


'This Time Round' created by Tyler Dion.
"Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" characters are the property of the BBC.
"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" characters created by Joss Whedon, & Property Of
and Copyright 'Mutant Enemy' etc. etc.
Dodgy northern accent and dialect adapted from Alan Bennet, or possibly
"Last Of The Summer Wine", property of the BBC.