Aquatic Hero

Twas a quiet night in 'This Time Round'. Adric was cleaning a table by the door, casting nervious glances around every few minutes as though he expected something to fall on his head.
The door swung open to reveal a rather transparent figure, which stepped inside.
Adric blinked. "Mel, is that you?"
"Yes," the figure replied.
"But..." he blinked again. "You're made out of water?"
"That's right," Mel nodded. "I've gotten tired of being overshadowed by that... floozy." She indicated the woman sitting at the bar.
Mistress Mel gave a cheery smile and raised the elaborate cocktail she was drinking.
"So I've decided to adopt a superhero identity," Mel finished.
"Erm, you're not going to start killing me repeatedly, are you?" Adric asked.
"Of course not! I will only use my powers for good."
"Ah!," Adric looked relieved. "So what name are you going to go by?"
Mel straightened up proudly. "I'm going to call myself HydroMel!"
The bar fell silent. A couple of booths over, the fifth Doctor slapped a hand against his forehead.
Adric shrugged, dipped his cloth into Mel's arm, and started scrubbing the table.
Mel gave a sigh. "I'll go get changed back then."