Avoidance Tactics

"She'll see you now," Trella said.

The Doctor nodded, and opened the office door.

"Doctor," Amber said as he entered. "Please, have a seat."

The Doctor sat.

"I'll be frank, Lady Amber," he said. "I need a favour."

The Goddess of Metafiction regarded him with golden eyes. "Go on."

The Doctor leaned forward.

"I need the entirety of Outside - the /whole/ realm, and all the realms within - to be time-jumped to Saturday the twenty-sixth of March, 2005, at six-thirty in the evening."

Amber raised her eyebrows. "Spoilerphobia's that bad already?"

The Doctor shuddered. "You don't want to know."


Summary: Some things require drastic measures...

Disclaimer: 'Doctor Who' and the Doctor are the BBC's. Amber is a product of the third Hoedown. Trella is mine.