by BKWillis

"You are a vicious, sadistic monster, young lady. Your actions
have made your name feared and loathed throughout the world,
and if there is a Hell, you are certainly bound for it."

Nyssa bowed low, humble before her mentor. "I thank you, my
Master. I hope that you find me worthy of further instruction."

Her Master chuckled softly, lost in the shadows behind the huge
desk. "You remember your place. I had feared that you would be-
come arrogant in your accomplishments."

"Never, my Master--"

"Now, now, Nyssa. Arrogance has its place, but it must only be
used on those beneath your station. To those above, you must
always show respect, though you feel it not."

"My respect for you is sincere, my Master," she hastened to say.

The shadowy figure chuckled again. "So I would say in your place
as well. Had you said otherwise, I'd have been compelled to punish
you for your failure to heed. You _are_ a most worthy pupil." Eyes
glittered fiercely in the dark. "Your conscience is nearly destroyed,
and your unending practice has made you expert at pain and viol-
ence. When next you return, I shall begin your instruction in the
finer points of emotional cruelty and the crushing of the human
spirit. Now go, but practice constantly in the arts you have master-
ed, so that one day you may succeed me."

Nyssa's eyes shone with pride at her teacher's words, but she kept
her expression carefully servile and empty as she departed, gently
closing the door.

Behind the desk, the little white cat with glasses purred happily,
tail-tip twitching. He rubbed his paws together and read aloud the
wall plaque that bore the motto he lived and taught by:

"Human Resources Directors aren't born, they're _made_."



Doctor Who is property of the BBC, as if someone might not know that.
The evil Mr. Catbert is from "Dilbert", property of Scott Adams.
The author's soul is property of Kingdom of Darkness, Ltd., or so I'm often

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