A TTR fic by Alryssa Kelly...

(Imran, this is all your fault.)

"It's not every day a planet gets blown up and then erased from all
existence, you know.

More like once a week.

I don't suppose you've ever felt the effects of a supernova? No, I
don't expect you would have. It's rather unique. But not something I'd
recommend doing on a regular basis.

The strange thing is, I don't hate him for it.

Hmm? I'm not sure how I got here. It's... complicated. You have to
understand, I wasn't in full control of my faculties then.

I was different before it happened. I didn't feel things the way
humans do - not in their ways of feeling, anyway.

The lakes were my eyes, the trees were my limbs...

Yes, yes of course. You're lucky, some can still hear you, still
venerate your mana... hope that never becomes lost, because once it
is, you might as well be dead...

Oh, yes... well... All I can remember really is floating, I guess
you'd call it. Then the heat. The intense heat, and the pain. And

Separation. Darkness.

And then, *awareness*.

I could... *sense* in a new way. I was still floating, but I could
see... _see_ where I was. It wasn't much to look at, let me tell you,
but it was rather disturbing, to say the least.

And then someone spoke to me. It told me I was to have a new
beginning, a new life. I was understandably confused. It told me about
the wrongs that had been done in my name; and I realised why my people
had stopped listening to me. They had found technology that meant they
didn't have to listen to anyone anymore.

I'd tried to tell them, of course, tried to give them the signs, but
when you're being ignored, it's sort of difficult for the message to
get across.

That's why I had to die.

So that I could live.

They told me who was responsible, that I would be forever bound to
him, because by killing me, he had created me.


I have no idea about the mechanics of this. Some sort of dimensional
higher power continuum thing, they said. About the need to defeat
evil, to defeat the stagnation that threatens any civilisation. I was
to become the epitome of everything against that which I had harboured
- a stagnant, corrupt society.

Nice of them to ask me first.... but that's the way it goes, I

I'm not sure I want to know how they chose the host. She didn't look
happy about it either.

Why? Because I didn't have a full consciousness. They needed the
personality and awareness to be able to create a whole being, they
said. So we were merged, and now share a mind - an 'evolved
conciousness', whatever that is.

She fought me, to begin with. I don't think she was told about this.
But she's dealing well with it.

As well as can be expected, when you've been plucked from your life
and turned into a superbeing capable of destroying -


The outfit wasn't my idea, wiseass. Something to do with being a
Senshi. Personally I think someone was having a little too much fun
with the whole creation process.

Yeah, right back atcha, you old bugger.

Oops. Must watch that language. I did tell you she shares my mind.
Well, I share hers. Or something. It's the timeshare principle.

Well, this has been an interesting conversation.

Of course.

Oh, I doubt it'll happen to you. You have a nice bunch here.

Him? He's here, somewhere. I know he is. Probably eavesdropped on the
entire thing, knowing him.

I'll see you around. Well, <chuckle> I suppose I will, won't I. "

She wanders off down the hill, and back to TTR, the grass swaying as
if waving goodbye.

And, relaxing in the branches of an oak tree, a certain Time Lord