"The Better angles of our nature."
A drabble
By Helen Fayle
(Following on from "Various Angles" by John Elliott)

"You saved her, Doctor," Katarina said. "She jumped out of a spaceship and
you saved her. What did I do wrong, that you did not save me?"
(John Elliott: "Various Angles", April 24th 2010)

- - - - - - - - - - -

Unfortunately the Doctor, unable to look at Katarina, glanced straight to the
bar where Adric stood, dishcloth in hand.

Silence. Unforgiving.

Softly: 'I knew the risks. I wanted to try. My life, my choice.' He looked
the Doctor in the eyes. 'If you'd gone back, I'd have died for nothing.'

'It WAS for nothing,' Tegan, stridently.

The Doctor flinched.

'No. Not for nothing.' Adric looked pointedly at Peri, comfortably sitting
in Yrcanos' lap. At Fitz. Luke. River. Rose. 'Not for nothing.'

This time, the Doctor didn't even have to prompt Amy to deliver the hug to a
shyly blushing Adric.

- - -
(Note: There are a host of other players who perhaps owe their lives to the
Doctor's increasing tendency to pull a hat out of a rabbit in recent years,
but in only 100 words... well. You can all find examples... OTOH, Seventh
should be slinking out of the door hoping no-one remembers HIS record,
round about now... ;-P)