This Time Round, drabble-ish

(Timeframe: After 'The Beast Below'.

(Warning: SPOILERS for 'The Beast Below'.)

You Could've Chosen A Better Option...

The Tenth Doctor gently massaged his temples. He stared at the
embarrassed face of the Eleventh Doctor in front of him.

“So let me get this straight. You had two decisions: kill everyone
onboard that ship or let the Star Whale eternally suffer.”

Eleven nodded.

“You took a third option, and decided to LOBOTOMIZE the whale?! What
were you thinking?!”

“I couldn’t think of anything else!” Eleven threw up his hands.

“And you got upstaged by your companion!” Ten pointed to Amy Pond
across the pub. “Who pressed the Release button and not only released
the whale, but boosted the ship’s systems! And we’re the ones with the
saves-the-world-before-breakfast rep around here!”

“Sorry,” Eleven mumbled.

“And really, a bow tie? You need help, it seems…”


"Yes. Very old, and very kind."
- Amy Pond