This Time Round: The Brigadier's Answer (Double Drabble)
By Vicky Jewitt

A sort of sequel to / continuation of 'Alternative Possibilities'. I
didn't want to follow that moody little piece with this, but it's been
buzzing round my head ever since, probably because I'd just been
watching Inferno as well...

"Why doesn't it bother you?"
He raised an eyebrow. "I find there's enough trouble in the here and
"But don't you wonder -?"
"What worries you? Is it the fact that in a world without the
Doctor you and I might get together or that you shot me?"
Liz looked away in confusion.
He relented. "I've seen the fellow and I can't say I blame you!"
"But he's you!"
"I'm not sure I believe that, whatever the Doctor says. Man doesn't
even look like me!"
Liz put a hand to her mouth while the Brigadier thought. They'd seen
him in the Round - and with Section Leader Shaw on one all-too
memorable occasion. He'd left swiftly and the Doctor had blanked it
out, but what had Liz done?
"You talked to her."
She coloured.
"I'm not vain, Miss Shaw, but I refuse to believe I'd ever give you
cause to shoot me!"
They stopped, finding that they were back at the Round.
"We've talked ourselves round in a circle." Liz still looked pale.
"Are you all right, Miss Shaw?"
She smiled. He had asked her that before; she gave him the same
answer now, "Just get me out of here!"