TDTO: Business School

"Hi, Chris!" David Doctor said, sitting next to his brother in the HG
Wells dinner hall.

"Hi, David. Um, where's your lunch?"

David looked embarassed. "I didn't get one. Yours looks nice. Can I have
a bit?"

"Why... Have you lost your dinner money again?"

"I've not lost it. I've bought this watch with it," He held up a cheap
wristwatch. "Only it doesn't work," he added sadly, before brightening,
"But it's an official souvenir of last sports day, so it could be worth
something someday."

Chris sighed. "How many times? Whatever Madgie Pryce says, you should say

(Yes, my theme this week seems to be new comic strip companions...)

"All those with psychokinesis, raise my hand."
The Room With No Doors, Kate Orman