TTR: We're In Season 27 By Mistake

"I'm worried," Eighth announced to Shalka!Doc.

Shalka!Doc raised an eyebrow, "Should I ask why?"

"The Corsairs. They showed up here, even though none of them appeared in
the story. The fact they had a conceptual existence was enough for a
writer to place them Outside."

"Yes. They *exist* in canon, even if they never appear, therefore they
exist here, and can appear if a story requires."

"But you don't *have* to be canonical to exist here, either. You aren't!"

"Thank you for pointing that out. Are you going somewhere with this, or
shall I stop feigning interest now?"

"So theoretically, characters who have a conceptual existence *and* don't
exist in canon could arrive Outside!"

Shalka!Doc sighed. "Theoretically. And, apart from the difficulty that
would cause in getting a table, this is a problem because?"

"Oh, come on!" snapped Eighth. "It's bad enough with the two of us. Can
you imagine the plotbunnies that would spring up if the Richard Griffiths
Doctor from that DWM article was available?"

Shalka!Doc drained his drink.

Doctor Who property of the BBC.
The article refered to is "What If?" in DWM #255.

Demons run, when a good man goes to war...