LOL! Although, if I could make the case for the defence...

Tenth turned round to find three past Doctors were annoyed with *him*.

"All right, he was wrong," said Eighth, "But, in theory, there's
certainly no shame in looking at two horrible options and choosing a
third that's only slightly less horrible." He hesitated, "Well, a bit of
shame, obviously, but it's not exactly as un-Doctorly as *he* thought it
was, never mind you."

"Ah, but you admit he was wrong," Tenth retorted, "That's the difference
between your decision to destroy Gallifrey - both times - and what he
did. There *was* a better option and he didn't see it. He needed the
companion to bail him out!"

"And?" asked Seventh, "If I had a grotzit for every time I got too clever
for my own good, messed things up, and needed Ace or Benny to come to the
rescue, I'd have ... a lot of grotzits. And he acknowledged his mistake as
soon as he saw it, which is more than I'd have done. I'd have tried to
look mysterious and claimed I knew all along, but had reasons for wanting
Amy to make the choice. Because, as Ace would be the first to tell you, I
was a git like that."

"Yes, but ... " Tenth started, but Second interrupted.

"And what's wrong with bow ties?"

"Nothing, in the 1960s," Tenth replied, "Very chic when *you* were the
Doctor, I'm sure. But now..."

"It's fashionable to wear Clark Kent's suit with basketball shoes?"
Second asked innocently.

Tenth threw up his hands, "Fine! I give up!"

Eleventh blinked. "Wow. Thanks, guys."

"Don't mention it," said Eighth. "You *did* screw that up completely,
though. It's excusable, but don't let it happen again."

"Um, right."

Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically ... run.