Chasing Amy

The title 'Chasing Amy' is probably copyrighted to Kevin Smith

Wil gazed sheepishly at the woman floating at the far end of the room. Her hair was like golden light. Her figure wiry thin. She was an everything there.
She was at the far end of the room but he imagined himself standing by her, silently standing back watching her float. Wil imagined himself being slowly and magically drawn towards her and as he came closer he ...
Wil could hear her magical voice. She was complaining about the meat, but he didn't care, it was her voice, her hair, her smile ...

-Hi Sam I am.
-God you're beautiful.

Chasing Amy (part 2)

God you're beautiful! that's what he said. The kid standing in front of me, gaping as if he had just seen the sun for the first time. Neanderthal. Didn't need him, except to dissappoint.
- Hi Sam I am.
- God you're beautiful. he said again, poor kid, it was going to be more fun.
- You've got the wrong person. Look I don't like kids like you.
He didn't falter he just stared right at me. Sam came closer her mouth inches from his lips. She blew warm air at the him.
- That's just a little taste of what you'll never see.

Chasing Amy (Part 3)

Sam turned her back to Wil and marched out of the room. Walking away from him. Out of his life. His heart began to ache.
He had just seen her briefly, and had fallen in love with the angel who turned out to be something worse. Sam had cruelly teased him, coming close to his lips that they were almost...
and then she turned and left probably laughing ... little bitch. but a god damn beautiful one. Her eyes and her hair, her lips, the way her voice had floated, her ...
She was there once, and she had gone.