[For reasons that would take too long to explain, I fed a list of
Doctors and companions into a Perl script that paired them off at
random. Now I'm trying to write a drabble for each pairing on the
list. This one (Mel/Peri) ended up in the TTR setting.]

TTR: Collateral Damage

Peri glowered at the Ogron.

"That's the most prejudiced, reactionary attitude I've heard in
years," she said. "What's it got to do with your boss if Mel and I
want to do a bit of horizontal calisthenics from time to time?"

"Ladies having sexytimes with other ladies not problem for
Proprietor," the Ogron said. "Not problem for Francois, either."

"Then what's he complaining about?" Mel asked.

"Every time getting busy, you both screaming, yes?"


"Costing Proprietor big dollar in breakages," Francois said
solemnly. "Windows. Glassware. False teeth. So keep noise down in
future. Or have kept down for you."

John Elliott
(TTR created by Tyler Dion, Francois by BKWillis. If you want your own
shuffled list of pairings, <
shuffle.html> will generate one.)