by Paul Gadzikowski
DOCTOR WHO series characters and concepts copyright BBC tv
THIS TIME ROUND concept by Tyler Dion, after Kielle

Doctor Six plopped down at hises' usual table at the 'Round, and
immediately arrested the full attention of all his official BBC other selves
by opening his mouth and failing to get anything out. They watched him work
his mouth inarticulately for several moments before he finally blurted:
"I think we're in love."
Doctor Six reflexively braced himself for the inevitable onslaught of
contradiction, rebuttal and ridicule that met the statement of any fact or
opinion opening any new topic of discussion at this table in this tavern.
After a moment Doctor Two cleared his throat and said, "That would
explain ... this morning when I woke up ..." His other faces circling the
table all expressed no need for him to describe his early morning experience.
"How could this have happened?" Doctor Seven whispered.
Doctor Six realted the events that transpired from his last encounter at
the tavern with Peri []. "Now I
can't stop thinking about her," he confessed.
"And it's started spreading to the rest of us," Doctor Four said, "just
like the Androgum inheritance."
"That's not a very flattering comparison," said Doctor Five.
Doctor Eight was slightly less chagrined than the rest of him. "It might
not be all bad, you know."
Doctor One's brow creased with a gradual frown. "Oh? As if you're the
most experienced of us?"
Doctor Eight shrugged casually. "Well, I *did* get farther with Grace
than you did with Cameca ..."
"Ha! No one ever called *you* 'grandfather', hm?"
The intervening Doctors watched in anticipation as Doctor One and Doctor
Eight glared at each other. But what would have on any other evening promised
to develop into several hours' entertaining argument petered out right then.
Things were definitely not normal.
"In any case," Doctor Three contributed, "let's remember that it's not
about sex."
"The hell it's not," said several of him in unison, shifting in their
"Well, all right, it's not *just* about sex," allowed Doctor Three. "In
fact, we can't allow sex to be our focus at all in our pursuit of Peri's
heart, or we'll come off as just some twisted fanatic. Even without a mask,"
he added dryly.
"Joebel didn't have a mask," said Doctor Two.
"Neither did Shockeye," said Doctor Four.
""Shockeye didn't want Peri for her body," Doctor Three scoffed.
"He did so!"
"Filleted and sauteed in onions ..."
But this argument didn't last any longer than the first. There was
another long silence.
"So ..." Doctor Seven coughed. "So are we agreed then, that we *are*
going to pursue Peri's heart?"
When the rest of him still wavered, Doctor Six, having started it, ended
it. He raised his drink and toasted, "All for one -"
"And one for all," himselves agreed, clinking their glasses and
There was a nother long pause.
"What do we do now?" asked Doctor Six.


Summary for archivist:
Humor, TTR, the author's Peri arc
Doctors One through Eight
The Doctor is of one mind for once.

Paul Gadzikowski,