by Paul Gadzikowski
DOCTOR WHO series characters and concepts copyright BBC tv
THIS TIME ROUND concept by Tyler Dion, after Kielle

The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian sat in a booth, grumbling.
"Coward," accused the Doctor. "The fellow's a coward."
"Not to rise to a challenge like that," said Barbara.
"Don't say 'rise to'," pleaded Ian, crossing his legs.
"What's eating you lot?" asked the barmaid bringing their drinks, some
future companion they didn't recognize.
"We thought we were going to get some," said Susan.
"Last week, on the thread from Andinach's alt-drabble, one of the other
Pauls alluded to his 'private universe' and said 'maybe' he'd post some of
it," elucidated the Doctor.
"A followup even encouraged him," said Barbara. "The followup writer
wanted to see other people's 'Hartnell-era smut'."
"But he decided not to." Ian fidgeted uncomfortably. "Already has two
different continuities running on adwc, he says, and doesn't want another to
deal with."
"The Master got boffed in a story posted this week," snapped the Doctor;
"why can't I?" The barmaid could offer only sympathy.
They were all at least four drinks gone before the solution occurred to
Susan. "I say," she slurred, "this chap's THIS TIME ROUND pieces are all
either self-referential bits about his other work, or sexual innuendo like
an alt-drabble, right?"
"Right," said Barbara.
"Yesh," said Ian.
The Doctor nodded blearily.
"Well," said Susan, emphasizing each word by bouncing in her seat, "why
can't this one be both?"
The other three stared at her a moment; then, as one, all four rose and
headed unsteadily for the stairs to the second floor rooms.