Dedicated to the late Jonathan Brandis (SEAQUEST) and Christoper Petteit (YOUNG

"Been reall quiet here, lately," Adric said to Will (from AWAKENING).

"Sure, we can use a bit o that round here," Will said.

"I'll say," Adric said.

Just then the Fourth Doctor ran in from the doors, "Adric, are you in here?"

"Oh no," Adric said, "It's him."

"Me?" The Doctor checked himself. "Well, so it is!"

"Is there another way out of here?"

"Doctor, that's silly. You know there are plenty. What's happening now?" Adric
moved over to him but stayed behind the car. It was safer that way.

"Welp, you know those silly dimensional rifts?"

"Doctor, I came from one of them," Adric whined. Yes foks, folks, he does
whine and I can admit it. Not as much as you think though. I mean the whining
not my admitting it.

"Ahhhh," The Doctor backed away, "Ahhhh, you noticed that, did you? We'll have
to do something about that."

Adric sighed. At least he liked this one better than the ineffective, angry,
passive aggressive, cold heartsed blond one. "Doctor, what's wrong?"

"I opened up a dimensional gateway to try to get the SLIDERS back home and
well...tell me Adric, Will, can you swim?"

"Not a stitch," Will said.

"Adric, you?"

"Doctor, you know I can, told you that before...well just before you died..."

"I what? Never mind, never mind. Well then we're allright, aren't we? I mean
Adric you and I can swim and this one here, well, it's not like he matters
since I don't know him at all and don't really see him replacing anyone as a
companion, not like they would try to replace you Adric, with someone all dark
and trying to kill me would they?"

Adric was about to respond when the doors flew open and tons of water flew into
the bar, knocking the tables around, the stools down and making everyone
generally wet. In rode a dolphin and on it a scuba besuited blond boy with
scuba mask on. They settled in just as the water did. Adric frowned, "Doctor
you've done it again." He thumbed a mike, "Clean up in aisle, well all of them
really." He turned to the boy who took off his mask.

"Hello, I'm Lucas..."

"Yes I know, we've met on several occasions..."

"YOu may have met me, but I haven't yet..."

"Oh know, I just knew it was going to be one of those days."

"Can I have a drink?" A young cowboy waded over to the bar.

"Of what?"

"Water naturally."

"Who are you?"

"The Doctor."

"Doctor, stop that!"

"I'm Jesse James."

"Glad to meet you, Jesse is it? Do you take out hits on people?"

The Doctor rolled his eyes and his fifth self slid down behind a table far off
in the back someplace. Adric smiled.