Drabble & Double Drabble

TTR: Chain Store Massacre
by V. Jewitt

Felt the need for something short & funny to get myself sane again.

Remember the Nameless discussion and all those fast food outlets that
appeared? Meet the Nameless Society for the Prevention of Chain
Stores. (SPOCS). Some of them anyhow.

Team A:

UNIT had fenced off the area and Benton turned to his radio. “Sir.
We’ve got another one.”

The first tell-tale golden arches were pushing their way through the
broken earth.

The Brigadier and the Second Doctor arrived at a run.

“Good work, Sergeant,” said the Brigadier. “Thank goodness we got
here in time. Yates, bring the explosives.”

As pieces of brick and plastic and burgers fell everywhere, another
soldier ran up. “Sir. Someone’s reported a KFC where the flower shop

“Well, we needn’t worry about that one then,” said the Doctor
cheerfully. “I’m sure Zoe will think of something!”


Team B

Ace was lobbing explosive sweets behind her at a shiny new branch of
Pizza Hut as Benny watched in bemusement.

“Since when have we started fighting pizza?”

“It’s not the pizza that’s the problem,” Seven warned.

Benny ducked as it rained tomato, melted cheese and dough amidst the
glass and mortar and risked licking her fingers. “Don’t tell me: some
evil alien race was waiting in there after you slipped them a note to
join you for pizza, salad and exchange of Ancient Gallifreyan

“Erm,” said Seven.

“I knew it,” Benny said. “Ace, forget this; let’s go get a

She folded her arms. “No chance. Chris and Roz already demolished
the last one.”

Seven frowned. He hadn’t arranged anything, but was it better to
placate Bernice or keep up his reputation as the dark, manipulative
Doctor? He decided on the latter, since she’d never believe him


“It’s about the dangers of globalisation,” he explained later.

Benny nodded. “Right. Bad things, Doctor. I’m with you. Just wait
until Nameless gets a four star restaurant before you blow up the fast
food outlets. I happen to like pizza.”

He smiled. “I know a little place in Rome…”

“Oh no…”


Doctor Who is copyright of the BBC; New Adventures characters belong
to Virgin.
TTR was the bright idea of Tyler Dion.