Izzy stared at Scarlett, dumbfounded. "_You_, of all people, are
going along with this?! I thought the Supervisor was making a bad
joke when he asked _me_ to participate!"

The barmaid shrugged. "The Merchants' Association is doing it
for charity and they're asking all members' female employees. I fail
to see the harm in placing one's portrait on a calendar to aid the

"But... a swimsuit calendar, Scarlett. That's kind of demeaning."

Scarlett chuckled softly. "I worked my way up from orphaned
peasant to command of the most powerful military in my world.
My sense of self-worth as a woman can survive such a mild
indignity as this, I think. Especially for a good cause."

"Well, fine," Izzy semi-conceded. "But it's still sexist to only ask
the _women_ to participate. Why not do a calendar with the

"It's all about supply-and-demand," Bella the bouncer purred.
"Would you rather pay money for the Proprietor in a speedo...
or me in my crocheted bikini?"

Izzy's inner sci-fi geek wondered why a vampire even owned
beachwear, but the rest of her was mentally combining images
of 'Bella' and 'crocheted bikini'. "I'm still not... convinced," she
insisted, "but... um... when's the photo-shoot?"


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