Dammit, that one-eyed vulva-monger Scarlett was going to beat
him again!

The Proprietor brooded at his desk. This Merchants' Association
charity swimsuit-calendar gig was a good chance to both get in
some advertising and score a few brownie points with the
citizenry... but only if his staff's contributions overwhelmed their
rivals' from the Steel Maiden. In other words, whoever produced
the most scantily-clad totty would win.

The enemy's assets: one sexy vampire bouncer; one hot Movellan
strumpet; and Scarlett herself, who might be considered a bit

His own assets: the delectable door-warden Polly, who readily
agreed to be a model; the adorable android maid Neimi, who
insisted on a large bonus for such work as per her contract and
was thus beyond consideration; and the attractively incorporeal
Sandra, who had taught him that telekinetic slaps hurt as much as
real ones when he'd insisted she participate.

Three against one. He _had_ to improve those odds. He just
needed someone cheap, willing, and utterly sexy...



Adric opened the door to ask his boss something, but after a
moment simply closed it and left, already trying to forget the sight
of the Proprietor in a blonde wig, shaving his legs.


'Doctor Who' is property of the BBC.
'This Time Round' created by Tyler Dion.
Neimi and Sandra created by Imran Inayat.