Title: Captain Wrack Meets Captain Jack
Rating: General.
Challenge: "ephemeral" (as used in Enlightenment)

Doctor Who © BBC.
"This Time Round" concept by Tyler Dion et. al.
[Permission granted to archive to ttrarchive.com.]


A dashing young male human wearing a white T-shirt and dark vest was chatting up a bodacious female Eternal in Caribbean clothing.

"Captain Wrack," the woman said. "Last seen in 'Enlightenment'. I enjoy threatening prisoners with knives, and laughing directly into the camera at the end of episodes."

"Jack Harkness," the man said. "First seen in the new TV series. I kiss anything that moves, and occasionally go naked on camera."

Wrack raised an eyebrow. "You are a most intriguing Ephemeral."

Jack grinned. "Not to be full of myself, but all the squee'ing fan-girls on LiveJournal would agree with you."