TTR/TDF: Dead Man's Hand
By Helen Fayle
Challenge Double Drabble - "Cards".


It had been supposed to be a "friendly" game. But, when the Master sat
down, oily, suave and arrogant in black velvet, this had changed.

By midnight, only the Master, Adric and Nyssa remained at the kill: Sarah
blushed and handed over her pink polka-dot knickers and made a quick exit.

Nyssa stared at the man who wore her father's face, and called.

She looked determined, but pale.

Adric worked out the odds. Bluffing, but she wouldn't (couldn't) back down.

He looked at his hand, calculated. He could do it: payback, as they said...

He looked at the Master; anticipating her humiliation...

If he was wrong...

He placed his mortality deferment card on the table. 'I'll see that,' he
said. 'And raise you my boxers.'

He ignored Tegan's "ew". Waited.

The Master folded, snarling.

Adric laid down the low flush in his hand and stood.

Nyssa just looked at him, wide-eyed. Laid down a pair of jacks.

He picked up his card, shrugged.

'I think we're done for tonight,' he said, leaving.

He didn't have to wait long.

The twitch was a reflex, expecting a quick death. But not tonight.

They stood there for several silent seconds before she walked away.


Note: I just couldn't shift this one out of my head, as I'd seen "Keeper of
Traken" last week, and just... well, was reminded of a few things. Like
Adric's abilities, and Nyssa's loss. Apologies for double-drabbling, but I
couldn't get it down to 100 and keep the sentiments I wanted to express...
I'll make amends with a proper drabble later!