This Time Round: Dead Resentful

"Here," Adric snapped, and dumped the drinks down in front of Rory and Amy,
before turning away. Amy blinked.

"What's the matter with *him* today?" she wondered.

"Nothing in particular, I expect," said Rory, "He just doesn't like me."

"Really? I've never noticed that before."

"That's because usually he won't even serve me. If Francois hadn't been
busy, you *still* wouldn't have noticed."

"How could anyone not like you?" Amy asked. "Especially him. I mean, you've
got so much in common..."

"That's just it," Rory explained, pulling his Mortality Deferment Card from
his pocket. "I'm allowed to use this in-universe..."

Tick tock, goes the clock,
He cradled and he rocked her...