Adric was in his lab in the Other Side. Marcus Scarman came to visit,
"Hey, Adric, boy, how's it going?"

"Oh very well, thank you," Adric said.

"What's this concoction you're making here?"

"Oh, well, nothing."

Scarman was a bit mad, "Adric, are you being bad again? You know on this
side, we try to help those left behind, pitiful things that they are,
how to cope without dying."

"Yes I know but I'm still so new at it. I mean, I try so hard."

"Yes you do," Scarman said, "So what is it?" He realized Adric was trying
to sidestep the answer.

"Oh it's a little thing called Lazar's Disease. I want it to greet a
friend of mine on Terminus."