**DANCING ON THE DARKSIDE -- The Candia Harcourt Songbook**

*10. Thank You for the Gory Days of Wine and Rambling Roses*

I knew a vamp who came in from the dark side, left his bad bumps behind
Now he fought for the good and was misunderstood
And he whined and he whined and he whined.
Had him the other night oh what a waste of stake
he was guilty cause I'm not his whitebread skirt
He wonders why she left him,
doesn't he know how good girls go for sin and hurt and

Gory days on the deck of a pirate ship
Gory days in the kiss of a sharkskin whip
Gory days, sordid days.

There's a stunner who looks like the Swan-Born,
back in pulp she would act the femme fatale.
Sometime she got redeemed and married the hero,
now her interest rate is bugger all.
Down at my Sewing Circle well we met up
She found I was her big-time fanbyke.
I just throw her down and bugger all her blues gone,
she says when she's numb she shoplifts cheats
and does her best pretending it's like

Gory days in the burn of a blaster's beam
Gory days to the tune of a henchman's scream
Gory days, storied days.

Think I'm going down to the 'Round tonight
and I'm going to lurk till I get some luck
And I ought to be ashamed despoiling dumbass darkness groupies,
but I don't give a fuck!
Yeah, just lushing round trading on my image and a bad bold backstory,
but time creeps away and leaves love with my cold sister,
bitch! bastard! I miss my stormy days

Gory days and the dance of the voodoo dolls
Gory days dyed the warp of our twisted souls
Gory days, glory days.



"She does not get eaten by the sharks at this time."
- William Goldman, _The Princess Bride_.