**DANCING ON THE DARKSIDE -- The Candia Harcourt Songbook**

*11. Dancing in the Dark is the Heart, Yeah Yeah Yeah!*

One more year, one more ball's up
And I ain't no nasty disgrace:
Gonna hang my chainsaw up
Gonna wipe the white sauce from off my face.
Mrs Candia Harcourt
Down on the floor -- in a chaste sweet dance --
She wears bustles and pretends like her name's from France.

You can't stop desire
You can't kick the lovebird out the ark
She'll just fly higher.
Won't you look at me, dancing out of dark?

Oh, I want me that Sphinx-cat
Riddle her right, and I'm happy though I die!
Truth comes, bringing a sick *splat*:
I can't believe she's a mass of polypi!
Why must this always happen, like loving has to dump on my heart?
Guess my soul's so misshapen
God's just jonesing to tear it apart.

You can't trust a liar
You can't keep the dire wolf out your park
Bird, meet barbed wire:
Hit my destiny, dicking with the dark.

I watch 'em trip the Quadrille
While I sit here bitching, and bleed inside.
Girl feels me feeling like roadkill
Cuts the love-leash my Pavlovs tied.
Hey pretty Lensfille Cammy
We could be pitching us one good ball:
I wanna glaze you with honey
Yay baby, I wanna rock your Cosmic All!

This lust it ain't no itching
No girly gratitude kick dripping with sickly schmaltz
You're just oh so bewitching...
Well then my sweetness gimme just one waltz!

...Bray can't write inspired
love-and-death without my breath to bless his art.
His spark's a flyer:
See me follow it, dancing into dark.
Though some nights I'll tire
struggling to keep my damned dear from eating his heart
This bird's on fire
Like a candlelight dancing in the dark.



"She does not get eaten by the sharks at this time."
- William Goldman, _The Princess Bride_.