**DANCING ON THE DARKSIDE -- The Candia Harcourt Songbook**

*3. You Got to Move over Darling Daughter of Darkness*

Driving into Norman Bates' motel,
Me and Doris on a holiday.
Sneaked some cycles that the audit-trail won't tell:
Slaved for the City, now it's time to play!
Picked her up at an internet archive
Where the films ain't hardcore but they sure can blow your mind.
Found her bored playing Cute Modern Housewife:
Knocked out her Rock, so I can scrump her blind...
We run eight hundred nodes and we're still at the flirtin',
We got bright conversation, and she still got her skirt on!, singing,

Hey mummy's boy, leerin' on the counter,
Today's your lucky day for sure, indeed:
Me and my palette here're from Swevyn undercover,
And a fleabag flop is just the thing we need.
Perfect Day, your times they're a-changin' --
Don't make like you ain't turned on by a little sleaze!
Kick off your shoes, and put your PJs on,
And we'll soon be sippin' nectar like two gods or bees!
Hold that thought, babe, while I take a

shower --





Well hello, little girl, and have I got some Candy for *you!* singing,

Sha la la,
Shall I or shan't I?
Sha la la la la la la la la...
Sha la la,
Make her crazy for Candie!
Sha la la la la la la la la...

Hey ducky Day, nuzzlin' my earlobe,
Ain't seen the manager in seven days.
Doll, get that elegant hand out my bathrobe:
If we flit now, then we won't have to pay!
Hey, Perfect Day, so cute when you're Sapphic,
I think I'd like to make you go a bit too far:
Let's slip out into that spam-hampered traffic,
And when we hit the jam, make out right in the car!

In the jam playin' Move over Darling,
Mr Hudson caught up, so we had him too --
Writhin' between two stars in a hotrod, with Norman Bates all flushed
condignly down the motel loo! singing!




"She does not get eaten by the sharks at this time."
- William Goldman, _The Princess Bride_.