**DANCING ON THE DARKSIDE -- The Candia Harcourt Songbook**

*4. Working in the Dream Stream My Way and the Highway*

Some can dream sweet in castles in the sky,
Some must skulk in the shanties, scrabbling to get by.
Some kicking hell out of hoboes, some kissing in the rain --
Some knowing just which girlie stops 'em whirling down the Drain!

I work for the City on the Q&T:
All day I hunt up dangers to the Dream Economy.
In my cache I make up stories but they're only cut 'n' paste:
Someday mister I'm gonna get this writer's block erased!

Working in the dream stream, skimming someone's pension,
Ferking Linux penguins to relieve the tension,
Shirking on the sly, and dodging bad attention,
Working in the dream stream -- working in the dream stream!

I thought I saw the menace of a Money Storm:
Waste my daddies and their City, got me feeling kinda warm.
Somewhy I tried ways to turn the storm front back.
One trick I cribbed from Carrie, and Carrie tracked it back --

Found me working in the dream stream, called me little sister.
Tried to flame the bitch, my hate rolled off and missed her:
Swore at her and tore at her and called her names and kissed her,
Working in the dream stream -- working in the dream stream!

We stole the Plumbers' billions and I blew it all on vice:
I spent away their slump but knew the ingrates wouldn't thank me nice.
Sis, Carrie said, this ain't the life for you --
She hacked my strings, let me do and do and do...

I took their secret files, and I spammed 'em good and well:
And if they'd ever caught us, we'd be doing megs in virtuHell.
But Carrie's cute and I am tough, and so we busted out that day,
And we blew my daddies' and their bosses' lives away.
I wake up every morning to a sweet surprise --
Me myself and I go dancing with the lightning in my blue eyes!

No more working in the dream stream, ripping off the smallfries,
Opening my ports to wankers that I despise.
Struttin' with my Sis now, hanging with the good guys,
Walking out the dream team -- walking out the dream team!

Bathing in *my* dream stream, doing what I wanna!
Self-insertion fanfics! Davros and Madonna!
Any fragger cross me, gonna be a goner!
Waking to my dreams, and FINDING HEAVEN MY WAY!



"She does not get eaten by the sharks at this time."
- William Goldman, _The Princess Bride_.