**DANCING ON THE DARKSIDE -- The Candia Harcourt Songbook**

*6. I'm on Fire at Will (Set Phasers to Kill)*

Hey Boskone boy do you want a screw
Turned in your head till your dreams come true?
I'll light your dark desire.
Ay, ay, ay, I'm on fire!

Say bad baron shall I blow your fuse
Shall I tweak your tale shall I be your Muse?
I'm rarin' to inspire --
Ha, ha, ha, hearts on fire!

Sometimes it hurts when your mind and meat are
Sparkles and stone, oh won't you shoot hot spirit
Through the marrow of my bone?

In the ink-drowned night when you wake up dead
I'm the perfect match to
Warm your clay-cold bed.
Only you light my spicy pyre --
Ah, ah, ah, souls on fire!
Ah, ah, ah, souls on fire!



"She does not get eaten by the sharks at this time."
- William Goldman, _The Princess Bride_.