**DANCING ON THE DARKSIDE -- The Candia Harcourt Songbook**

*7. Just Say No Remainder Never No More*

Well we've scourged the spacelanes raw
And slashed Buffybot with Dawn
Gave the ideosphere more than it's had to fear
Since Lionel Fanthorpe's Muse was born.
Tonight I see you burn with what my kiss can't slake
I can feel my firewalls start to break
I feel our virus rise, I see it fill your eyes
Till it pulls our shared soul down --

Well, I fused your nightmare with my dead dreams to contain her --
No divide, love, and no remainder.
Like sweethearts falling through Hell's skies
with no hope to sustain us:
No divide, love, and no remainder.

She is Caries, monad of decay
He is Eddy, rot's black flame --
For you my kid my king, I will do everything
But I will not answer to her name!
And here's where Candie HarDDD's taking her stand
All across our wasted lives
Well maybe someday we will cut those cancers out
When my wishes all are knives.

But I drank your demon, and now I'll always remain her --
No divide, love, and no remainder.
Like traitors to the heart's delight with a writ of attainder:
No divide, love, and no remainder.

Now in SOTR the talk goes low.
My megrim's a storm of bloody snow.
They've flared up, and we are fading
To the place where untold stories go.
I wanna lay you down where
Spam is blocked, in my vicious grip
With a wide-open bus between our brains
And no possession bumming the trip.

But if you want Dark Carrie, dear, don't let me detain ya --
No divide, love, and no remainder.
But I'll panic God's core, man, if I must to regain ya --
No divide, love, and no remainder!



"She does not get eaten by the sharks at this time."
- William Goldman, _The Princess Bride_.