**DANCING ON THE DARKSIDE -- The Candia Harcourt Songbook**

*8. Like a Battery Bray of Blight out of Hell*

Well we went to the Pro-Fane Bash the other day.
We'd come to the end of Candie and Bray
There was nothing worth a shag and nothing worth a grab,
There was nothing worth blowing away.
Me and you wouldn't go down slow, not drift apart in dull decay:
We'd kill Caries at her birth
If we had to break the Earth up
Just to die alone Battery Bray.

But then we fixed to fall with all the others
To frag the sick Ticktockman's Muse:
We jumped in the Plague-Pit, we called down the curse,
the crowd howled abuse.
We fled our flop, hijacked the TARDIS
Doc took us to Spam's yesterday
To scrub virus from our timeline
In a cosmos-crashing crimefest
Just to die our own Battery Bray.

So we went crashing in on our kamikaze stunt
to whack the spam that for our soul did thirst.
Now there weren't no knowing the Doc's sly game,
how he'd sabotaged the dates to pre-empt our worst.
Dying hard from our trick, you were plaguey sick,
all my basal code rotting away,
and we brought that home to eat the Spamite Sending,
make its death-cry our swan song.
Flip up my skirt, that substrate's primed but inert,
from out its brawn I rise live, and ahhh at last I've lips to meet
And your mouth is sweet, your eyes burn dark,
arms warm to crush me, oh fuck, live my Battery Bray!



"She does not get eaten by the sharks at this time."
- William Goldman, _The Princess Bride_.