TTR: Down The Tube

"Double bacardi, please, Adric," said Polly.

Adric, who had just arrived at the Round, was somewhat surprised that
Polly wasn't in her place at the door. "Tough day?"

"You wouldn't believe it. Loads of people who've never appeared in a
crossover in their lives! A teddy bear, a secondary Hitch-hiker's
character, someone looking for the Marquis de Carabas, a fourth century
Roman martyr, and the entire cast of a Richard Curtis film who thought
they could get in just because he wrote 'Vincent and the Doctor'! And
that was just the start!"

Adric glanced at Chang Lee for confirmation. "A teddy bear?"

"Yeah, Paddington."

"And then Fenchurch," added Polly.

"The Angel Islington..."

"St Pancras..."

"Then Notting Hill..."

"And then..." Polly struggled to remember, "And then..."

At a nearby table, Professor Fassbinder and Mims the Zygon exchanged

"Do you want to say it or shall I?"

Doctor Who and all characters are property of the BBC.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.
Paddington Bear created by Michael Bond.
Fenchurch created by Douglas Adams.
The Marquis de Carabas and the Angel Islington created by Neil Gaiman.
Notting Hill created by Richard Curtis.
Fassbinder and Mims possibly the property of Big Finish, I keep forgeting
how it works.
I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue is the property of the BBC. Mornington
Crescent is the property of the Mornington Crescent Marketing Board, a
wholy owned subsidary of Stovold Amusements plc.

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