"Turning the entire population of Earth into replicas of you. Impressive, for a
scheme you concocted on the spur of the moment." the Beevers Master allowed.
"Two things, however, prevent us giving you any credit for this.

"First, this is only part /one/, and we above all should know that such schemes
never last.

"Second, it is entirely likely that you are being manipulated by the Time Lords
as part of their grand design. We are not manipulated; we are the manipulators.

"Now, if you happen to show the Time Lords who the /true/ manipulator is here,
or bring about the Doctor's death... then I think that /would/ be a worthy act
of villainy."

The Simm Master waved his past self off dismissively. "Yeah, yeah, whatever.
I'm just going to enjoy spending the next week in my own little world. With the
other six billion mes."

"Mm," the Beevers Master said. "As I said, we cannot give you any credit for
/villainy/, but you /do/ get points for the sheer unadulterated /narcissism/ of
it. On /that/ score, at least, you are a credit to us."

The Ainley Master smirked. "An utterly insane, audacious scheme. One /entirely/
worthy of us."

"/And/ we get to rub it in the Doctors' faces for the next week." the Simm
Master observed.

"Earth in our image, and the Doctors humiliated before us." The Delgado Master
leaned back in his chair. "Our Christmas present, I take it?"

"What do you think?" the Simm Master inquired.

The Delgado Master raised his glass.

"Merry Christmas."


Disclaimer: This Time Round was created by Tyler Dion. 'Doctor Who' and the
Masters are the BBC's.

Tip of the hat to Vicky J., for "Master Test".