by Paul Gadzikowski
DOCTOR WHO characters and concepts copyright BBC tv
THIS TIME ROUND concept by Tyler Dion, after Keille

When the Doctor, Leela, Captain Kirk and Mr. Chekov entered This
Time Round, there were no other patrons.
"It's dead in here," said the Doctor to the night's bartender.
"I know," said Adric. "Hardly anyone comes by here recently.
What'll you have?"
"Four gargleblasters."
"I'll have four gargleblasters too," said Chekov.
Two rounds raised the mood considerably. Chekov and Adric hit it
off. "I dunno," Chekov said at one point, "it may be better to die
young vith no dewelopment than to last the whole franchise vith no
"No development?" said Adric. "Then what's with the lieutenant's
"Oh, this." Not only did Chekov's tv-series-style uniform tunic
have one strip of unbroken braid on each cuff, it was red rather than
yellow. "This is for Gadzikowski's latest story, for after SELA."
"This is the wrap party, can't you tell?" said Kirk into his mug,
waving ironically at the empty tavern.
"Wrap party?" said Adric. "Not finishing a story until the week
its predecessor finishes being serialized on adwc isn't like him."
"This one was delayed by a combination of writers' block and
artistic crisis," said the Doctor. "To make a long story short: REACH
OUT AND KILL SOMEONE is told as a series of four-panel comic strips."
"Like the ones he has at
"Exactly. But serializing a story. Starting the first Friday in
"Can't post those to adwc."
"No," said Kirk, "but he can post pointers, as he did for the
ones you mentioned."
"And THIS TIME ROUND pieces," said the Doctor. "He's always doing
that to prod the readership."
"Maybe," said Leela, "people won't pay his cartoons much
attention, or he'll think people aren't." She sounded hopeful.
"That's not a wery nice thing to say."
"Well, this place is going to stop existing if *someone* isn't
writing regularly about it again soon!"