[Though I haven't been there in a while, TTR seemed an
appropriate place to celebrate Number 500.]

But the End of the Beginning

Giles stood by the bar, nursing his drink. The 'Round was
more packed than he'd ever seen, and he had no idea who most
of the guests were.

"And these are just featured characters," the woman next to
him said.

"How did...?" Giles started to ask, but she had gone.

* * *

In another booth, various Doctors from outside the canon
raised their glasses. "Here's to being apocryphal!"

"Apocryphal?" one of the Thirteenth Doctors asked. "I
thought you'd said apocalyptical!" He held up a black
sphere with a lit fuse. "Whoopsie."

* * *

"Welcome, everyone," a voice announced, "and let's get this
party started!"

* * * * * *

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