"I'm sensing barely-contained supervillain laughter tonight, boss,"
said Chang Lee, attention mostly on a handheld game.

"Nyeheheheheh, boyo!" smirked the Proprietor. "This latest plan
_can't_ fail to bring down that sapphic cyclops at the Steel Maiden!"

"...and her little dog, too, no doubt." Chang sighed.

The smirk grew smirkier. "Infiltration! That's the key. And this time,
I've sent the perfect spy -- female, unobtrusive, and totally wrapped
around my finger..."


"So, what brings you 'round my bar?" Scarlett asked, setting the
customary free first beer in front of the new arrival. The stranger
had a bit too much makeup, a bit too little figure, and hair like a
tribble electrocution.

"Oh, I'm spying on you for the Proprietor," she replied airily. "He
thinks it'll help him ruin you somehow."

Scarlett considered. "Should a spy be _telling_ me this?"

The spy shrugged. "It's a stupid plan, but if he thinks it'll work, he'll
refrain from trying some worse mischief that'll only backfire and hurt
him, like always. So, if we just pretend I've 'infiltrated' your
establishment, Proprietor-dearie's protected from himself, you're
nicely un-hassled, and I get paid. Everybody wins!"

"Cunning, yet altruistic," Scarlett approved. "I'm impressed,

"Just call me Mad Sheila."


'Doctor Who' is property of the BBC.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.

Note: Since she doesn't get mentioned often, Mad Sheila is a prostitute the
Proprietor frequents (see 'Dead Reckoning' and 'Pillow Talk').

Archivist's Note:
Type: Steel Maiden; drabble
Blurb: The Proprietor sends a spy against the Steel Maiden, but who's
deceiving who?