TTR: Easier Said (Drabble)

Dodo was still stoking her brazier with copies of /Who Killed Kennedy/, but
he could see her heart wasn't in it.
"E-books," she muttered to herself. "He only published it as a blooming
e-book, didn't he? It'd take the Fendahl Predator to get rid of it now."
"Miss Chaplet?" he asked, politely.
Dodo spun round. "And what do *you* want?"
"I have a little proposition to put to you. I need someone who wouldn't
be worried by the possibility of mental collapse. Say someone to whom it's
happened already..."
She looked daggers. "I'd sooner--"
"Die? I thought you already did."

TTR: Than Done (Drabble)

Tegan put her hands on her hips. "I'm not doing it!"
"But you're the ideal candidate. All you have to do is travel into the Time
War and retrieve what was lost."
"At the cost of my sanity," Tegan reminded him.
"Exactly. Who better than you? In extended canon you've had a nervous
breakdown *and* an inoperable brain tumour. After that lot a little insanity
should be a walk in the park by comparison."
"I don't care!" Tegan glared at the Ainley Master. "If you've lost your
ticket for the Test Match you'll have to go and get it yourself."

[ "Doctor Who" created by the BBC.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.