Following on somewhat belatedly from Polly's other evenings off (in
Plot and Loophole and Polly's Quiet Night Off).

Since we never did find out what happened when Ruth from Spooks
covered for Polly. Because Ruth occasionally has anarchic tendencies
of her own.


Polly had not forgotten Ruth Evershed’s offer of cover – she was an
analyst, she wasn’t the Doctor, nor insane – what else did one need?

“So,” Polly said, at the door. “You’ve got the list – don’t let
anyone in who’s not on it, especially duplicates. They’re positively
the limit. And – this is vital – don’t agree to any of the Doctor’s
mad ideas.”

She smiled and hugged the clipboard. “Understood.” Then she watched
her leave, a gleam in her eye.

“Good!” said Two, emerging from the shadows. “I thought she’d never
go. Let’s liven things up a bit, shall we?”

Ruth grinned.


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