TTR: Excuses (drabble)


One explains about genre bubbles. (Ish. It’s only 100 words).
*I'll* explain later... ;-)


“You’ve upset Ben and Polly,” said Two.

One hmphed. “I’ve explained – it was that generic bobble.”

“Dear me,” said Two. “So you *had* to strangle Polly, poison Sarah
and stick Harry’s head in an oven?”

“It seemed logical at the time!”

“I’m so glad I’m not the man I was,” Two murmured.

One sniffed. “If you’d been trapped in that general babble, the
narrative would swallowed you up, too. And, make no bones about it,
you would have gone along with it.”

“Still, something about you must have suggested ‘murderer’.”

“How dare you!”

“And why are you limping?” asked Two.