Finally remembered about this. For those of you who don't, audience feedback
suggested the end wasn't quite as clear as I'd have liked, so I asked Imran not
to put it in the This Time Round Archive until I'd rewriten it slightly.

Farce Macabre

Polly glared at the woman in front of her. "He can come in," she said, jerking
her head towards the gangly young man with the shock of curly hair. "You

The young woman glared right back. "And why not? I've heard all about this
place, and I'm dying to see Jonathan come up with a rational explanation for

"It's very simple," Polly said, with exaggerated patience. "Only Doctor Who and
crossover characters allowed. He was involved in a crossover, but you weren't
with him, that other journalist was." She sniffed.

"The semi-professional one."

"I'll tell you all about it." Jonathan offered.

"You mean you're going in without me?"

"Well, it hardly makes sense for us both to be stuck out here, does it? Look,
you go home to that husband of yours, and I'll give you a ring in the morning,

"But... Oooh!" And she stormed off.

* * *

About five minutes later, it occured to Polly that she'd actually managed to
stop a character from entering. She was so pleased about this, she barely
noticed the Original Ninth Doctor arriving.

"Evening, Polly."

"Evening, Ninth." she said absently.

"Evening, Polly."

"Evening, Emma."

"Evening, Polly."

"Evening, Emma."

Polly turned, "Just a minute..."

* * *

Ten minutes after *that* Polly stormed into the 'Round and ordered a drink.

"Sorry about that," said Jonathan, "I should have realised she'd try something
like that."

"Oh, don't worry about it." muttered Polly. "If it hadn't been for her, I'd
never have noticed the other two weren't who they claimed."

Jonathan frowned. "You mean you didn't spot the so-called Ninth Doctor's
snake-and-sword tiepin? Or the obvious differences in mannerisms and hairstyle
between Carla and Saffron and the real Emma?"

Polly blinked. "You know, you're very good at this. I don't suppose you're
looking for a job?"

"Er, no."


(All characters belong to the BBC. "This Time Round" created by Tyler Dion)

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