TTR: Fundamental Intercontinuity

A tall, lanky figure swooped confidently into the Round, followed by an
uncertain looking man. The lanky figure looked surprised when Polly
stepped smartly in front of him, as though the possibility he couldn't go
anywhere he wanted had never occured to him.

"Well?" Polly asked.

"It's all right, I'm with him," the man assured her, gestering towards
Professor Urban Chronotis.

"Nice try."

The man looked hurt and dumbfounded. "Excuse me? I'm Dirk Gently."


"And he's Professor Chronotis. Dirk Gently and Professor Chronotis.
Surely that counts, even if the Doctor wasn't in the book?"

"Firstly, he's not the same Professor Chronotis; Adams based Reg on
Salyavin, but they're distinct. Secondly, *you're* not the same Dirk
Gently, you're the TV one, who never met *any* Professor Chronotis that
we know of."

"Ah. Ah, yes, but if you accept, as I do, that all things are connected
in a quantum sense, then it is apparent that I am *equivalent*, in a very
real way, to the overweight chap with the ridiculous hat. By the same
token, any Professor Chronitis... you're not buying any of this are you?"


"And yet, I note you've started letting the present day Sherlock in?" he
gestured to where two Sherlock Holmeses were deep in argument.

"He *has* appeared in fanfic since the time I refused him. You haven't."

Dirk seemed to sag. "Look, I just want a quick word with the Professor on
a continuity matter. In and out, no time at all. Please?"

Polly sighed. "Fine."

Dirk went to talk to Chronotis, leaving Polly glaring at Richard.

"Don't look at me," said Richard, "None of this was my idea. None of this
is *ever* my idea."

Polly sniffed, and turned, where she was astonished to see Dirk had
settled on a barstool and ordered a pint. He raised it to her in salute.

"Macduff! I believe the simian gentleman with the puppet wants paid?"

Doctor Who property of the BBC
Dirk Gently property of the Adams estate

The problems in this world are not caused by those who love.
They're caused by those who hate.
--Arthur, King of Time and Space.