"Doctor, for your saving of Gallifrey yet again..." Flavia smiled as she
brought her guards forward to Tegan and Turlough. Behind her, nearly hidden in
her robes was a young boy with jet black hair, wavy and straight at the same

"Adric!" Tegan and the Fifth Doctor said together.

Flavia smiled, using a bony hand to bring Adric forward by gripping his
smoother hand, "What better place than to return your young lost friend to you,
at least for a short time..."

The Doctor gripped Adric's shoulders, "Adric? Is it...really...really you?"

"This time?" Tegan added, recalling the Xeraphin image used by the Master to
project a ghost of Adric.

Adric nodded, understanding. The Time Lords had been tracking the Doctor and
allowed Adric to see all of that up to this moment. "It is me, Doctor, I'm


"A model experimental TARDIS, model 89 I think..." Adric glanced at Flavia.

"Yes that is accurate," Flavia said, "The boy has a fantastic memory, not
unlike someone else I know..."

The Doctor smiled but ignored her, "Go on, Adric..." He laughed.

"Well it's a long story, Doctor," Flavia said, "The rescue mission..."

The Doctor let go of Adric but Tegan took her turn smiling at him, grasping his
shoulders, "It is you, isn't it?"

Adric laughed, surprised and embarassed at Tegan's affections, "Yeah,
it...Tegan please..."

"What mission?" The Doctor stood in front of Flavia, "A mission, which I was
not a part of!!!!"

"For all your help Doctor, you know that the boy must remain here on
Gallifrey..." Flavia smiled, "That way the time lines are safe. Your just
knowing about him being alive could..."

"Then why break the laws of time in the first place..."

"Doctor!" Tegan stepped between him and Flavia. Adric stared at the Doctor.

"Adric," The Doctor stammered, "I...I'm sorry."

"You always are," Adric said, "Sorry aren't you. A sorry speciam of a

"I'm not a father," the Doctor said.

"Not even an errant uncle," Turlough put in.

"Turlough, don't help," the Doctor shot at him. Turlough backed down.

The Doctor started to yell again but Flavia overshouted him with, "The Lady
Leora rescued the rescue team from the evils of the Rozinel..."

Turlough moved over to Adric's shoulder, "Do all the Doctor's people talk like

"Afraid so," Adric eyed Turlough warily. "And you are...?"

"Turlough," Turlough shrugged. "And you can have your room back. I haven't
thrown anything out..."

"Cor, thanks," Adric rolled his eyes.

"Rozinel," the Doctor looked skyward, "That lousy excuse for a servant of the

"An apt pupil of the Master's, Doctor," Flavia said, "And Lady Leora..."

"I know all about her..." the Doctor avoided that conversation.

"Do you?!" Adric got emotional, "Do you really? Well, she cares about those
lost. She cared about you...the formers yous she knew...and so much so was her
own loss of her brother...that she understood how you must have felt losing

"Adric, there's no good in going all over this!" The Doctor yelled back, "I
had no choice but..."

"She did have a choice. I wasn't involved in her life."

"The boy tells the truth. Until that is, the Master saved him to use against
us. Leora, unauthorized by anyone..."

"Anyone, even the CIA?" The Doctor raised his head.

"They saved me. She saved me," Adric said, "But now..."

"Now, you stay here," the Doctor said, "Forever..."

"Yes out of the time lines' ways," Flavia snorted, "He must and he enjoys an
unlimited freedom here..."

"Except of course to leave," The Doctor stepped forward.

"And you Doctor, you can stay too. In fact, the absence of President Borusa
leaves a gap at the very summit of our Time Lord hierarchy. We feel that there
is only one who can fill his place. Yet again Doctor, it is my duty and
pleasure to inform you that the Full Council has exercised its emergency powers
to appoint you to the position of President--to take office immediately."

"Oh no," the Doctor put his hands over his face.

"This a summons no Time Lord dare refuse. To disobey the will of the High
Council will attract the severest penalities."

"Very well Chancellor Flavia. You will go back to Main Gallifrey immediately
and summon the High Council. You have full deputy powers until I return. I
shall travel in my TARDIS."

"But Doctor..."

"You will address me by proper title, will you not?"

"But my Lord President..."

"I am the President, am I not?" He turned to Adric, Tegan and Turlough,
"Quickly all three of into the TARDIS at once..."

"Yes but the boy...the time lines..."

"FASA says he was rescued by the CIA, does it not?"

"Well, yes Lord Pres..."

"And FASA was fully sanctioned by the BBC was it not?"

"I believe it was so, Doc...Lord President but..."

"Then by all counts in the canon of my timelines and Romana's, Leona's, and K9
Mark II Adric lives and all is well. Is it not?"

"Yes but that..."

"You will obey my orders at once!!!!" He turned from Flavia to his three
companions who were still there, "And so will all three of you!!! Get into the
TARDIS at once!" The trio moved fast this time, all of them shocked and
frightened by the Doctor. "One...two three of you inside!" The Doctor followed
and slammed the outer doors.

"Doctor wait!"

In the bar THIS TIME ROUND, the TARDIS appeared. Tegan, Turlough, Adric, and
the Doctor got out. At the bar were other Adrics. "See I told you, almost none
of you died," The Doctor waved, "In fact only one of you did, The one in the
minds of those who are bitter that they were not traveling with me in your

Everyone smiled. Adric said, "Let's go then, I'm ready to start my life all

"Ahh, yes," the Doctor said, "And Turlough, one of these Adrics will take you
home...that one there. He's me. The Doctor and Adric. Or that one there...he's
a full Time Lord Adric...and that one...half human and half Adric..."